Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Project Director Office of Career & Entrepreneurship Advancement (CEA)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Chris Taylor leads the Office of Career & Entrepreneurship Advancement (CEA) in the Faculty & Academic Development Department. Under his leadership, CEA develops programs and services to support the education and preparation of researchers and clinicians in the areas of career development and entrepreneurship.

Chris directs the development, launch, and delivery of CEA’s career development offerings, including curriculum tailored to help researchers and clinicians explore a broad range of career options and create a strategic plan to reach their long-term career goals. He is responsible for directing MD Anderson’s Entrepreneurship Academy and its cornerstone program, the Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Regional Program, which supports innovators and entrepreneurs in their efforts to commercialize their technologies.  In addition, he oversees the Bio-Innovation Odyssey Fellowship Program that he helped to develop and launch in 2016. Chris also serves as a Board of Director for the Consulting Club at the Texas Medical Center, a non-profit organization geared towards healthcare professionals, researchers, and clinicians looking to be involved in the consulting industry. Finally, he is leading the formation of the University of Texas’ Venture Mentoring Service at Houston, a business mentor network modeled after MIT’s successful VMS program.

Chris has been a successful entrepreneur in the financial services and hospitality industries and has held several leadership positions in industry and academia. He brings over 17 years of multidimensional experience in strategic planning, business consulting, change management, financial planning, entrepreneurship, and leadership development. Chris has mentored and developed successful professionals and entrepreneurs across several industries. He has been a featured speaker and panelist at regional, national, and global events on entrepreneurship and career development and was highlighted in publications by Nature and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). As part of his duties, Chris has advised and provided career and entrepreneurship guidance to over 300+ research and clinical trainees since joining MD Anderson in August, 2013.