Karen Moore

Operational Energy Manager

U.S. Army Central (USARCENT)

Ms. Karen R. Moore serves as an Operational Energy Manager at Headquarters, US Army Central (USARCENT), located at Shaw AFB, South Carolina.  In this capacity, she is the government lead for USARCENT Operational Energy Program, operational energy is the energy required for training, moving, and sustaining military forces and weapon platforms for military operations.  She manages the operational energy program for USARCENT area of operations, which consists of 20 countries in the middle east.  Ms. Moore was hired in November 2016 as the first USARCENT civilian to lead the Operational Energy Program, which was previous lead by military personnel.  She was tasked to transition the Operational Energy Program from a short-term program of pushing projects to building a long-term program which shapes policy, procedures, and funding.  The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) recently selected USARCENT renewable project, photo tactic solar light carts, as the first Central Command to receive the FEMP 2017 energy award.

Ms. Moore worked in Huntsville, Alabama, as an Army civilian for 25 years with the US Army Material Command, Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA), 8 years; US Army Aviation and Missile Research and Development Command (AMRDEC), 2 years; and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Huntsville Center, 15 years.  At USACE, she was a subject matter expert on the Army DD1391 Processor System, the system used by the Department of Defense to submit Congressional and Presidential budget books for military construction; she was a program manager for the Energy Conservation Investment Program (ECIP) validation program and proposed the Army's first ECIP future year defense program, spanning five years, with a total budget of $500M, which included renewable, non-renewable, and energy security (microgrid) projects; she was also dual-hatted and responsible for the Resource Efficiency Manager program where she grew the program in the first year 182%; in 2015, Ms. Moore took her first deployment to Afghanistan with the USACE International Program as the project manager for the Environmental Footprint Reduction program and returned to USACE as a project manager with the Energy Savings Performance Contracting Program.  She has a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management from Faulkner University.  Ms. Moore has two children, Kurtis, a U.S. Navy Diver, and Kaley, College Freshman.