Christopher Karwacki

Senior Research Chemist Chief Scientist for CB Protection and Decontamination Division

Research and Technology Directorate Edgewood Chemical Biological Center

Dr. Christopher Karwacki is an active researcher in the basic and applied sciences for the design of porous materials involving chemical adsorption, reaction and sensing of hazardous chemicals for the Department of Defense. His research specializes in the design of complex structures with emphasis on molecular based assembly of novel classes of porous substrates such as nanostructured metal oxides, metal organic frameworks, reduced metal clusters, amorphous and crystalline carbon. A particular aspect of Dr. Karwacki’ s research focuses on understanding the structure-activity relationship of catalyst materials and the development of design rules to improve their selectivity and efficiency under relevant operating conditions. Central to this work is acquiring detailed knowledge on interfacial phenomena, such as the role of surface structure and defects on binding, diffusion and reaction of adsorbates, product formation and how this information translates to the performance of bulk materials. In recent years Dr. Karwacki has been involved in establishing a surface science program for the Chemical Biological Defense Program that would enable scientists to gain insight into the molecular dynamics of DoD relevant materials under in situ and operando conditions. Dr. Karwacki is leading an effort to establish a DoD Consortium of Synchrotron Users with the Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Chemical Biological Program (J9) and other DoD laboratories.