Paul Roege (Col, US Army, Ret)


Creative Erg, LLC

Paul Roege is a lifelong energy aficionado who is focusing on the role of energy in growing resilience from the community and regional levels. He recently spent four years on active military duty to establish the Army’s concepts and strategies, seeking to use energy most effectively toward operational outcomes. He substantially influenced the Army’s and other military strategies, including adoption of a concept for “Energy-Informed Operations” - weaving appropriate energy considerations into system design, operational and business processes. He also guided Army energy research and development thrusts toward more integrated, network foci, and advocated for the emergent (DoD) corporate shift toward resilience as an overarching concept for energy security. As a supporting concept, Paul has proposed a new global energy architecture that would make all energy more useful and fungible through “plug and play” network functionality, not unlike modern information networks. Paul has over 34 years of international experience in both civilian and military capacities, including nuclear operations and safety, energy system engineering, and facility construction and operations. He is a registered professional engineer, a West Point graduate and alumnus of Boston University (MBA) and MIT (Nuclear Engineer).