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Booth Company Name
517 300 Below, Inc.
327T Aces Health
327W Aces Health
324T Adranos Energetics LLC
431W AeroSafe Global
335W Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC
92 Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Office
438T Alabama A&M University
435W Alakai Defense Systems
323T ALLVIA Inc.
323W ALLVIA Inc.
225W AM21 Technologies, LLC
339T Amber Kinetics, Inc.
407 American Engineering Group
114 Ampex Data Systems
506 Ande
409 Apptronik, Inc.
342W Argonne National Laboratory
302 Arizona State University
329T Atlas Energy Systems, LLC
329W Atlas Energy Systems, LLC
206 AUM LifeTech, Inc
522T Automated-Analytics US LLC
416 AvL Technologies
524T AyuVis Research
516 B&W Tek
226T BCL Technologies
226W BCL Technologies
341T Benchmark Space Systems, Inc
426W BioCapSOL Kimya
128T biodesigns, inc.
128W biodesigns, inc.
422T Biomax Informatics AG
422W Biomax Informatics AG
530T Bitfusion
241T Boston Biomotion Inc.
309 Ceebus Technologies
336T Cellular Engineering Technologies
336W Cellular Engineering Technologies
94 Cimarron Composites, LLC
216 ColoCSX
526W Columbia University
513 Commercial Computer Systems - simpleXecutive
238T Creative Minds Solutions
125W Cuberg, Inc.
324W Cyber Reconnaissance, Inc. (CYR3CON(TM))
307 CytoSorbents Corporation
243W D-Tech, LLC
241W Dana Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center
201 Deloitte Consulting LLP
117 Diversified Technologies, Inc.
438W DPRA, Inc.
537T Duli Technology LLC
436W Elinor Coatings
337T eTrans Systems
130T EYL Inc
130W EYL Inc
427T Faridat
515 FastCAP SYSTEMS Corporation
202 Fermilab
530W Fluid-Screen, Inc.
108 FreeFall Aerospace
106 Frontier Technology, Inc.
541T Fusologics Inc
237T Georgia Tech Research Corp
237W Georgia Tech Research Corp
223T Giner, Inc.
223W Giner, Inc.
417 GrammaTech
508 GS Engineering Inc.
338T GTOP Group Inc.
440T H-Nano; Arizona State University
140T Haleakala Research and Development, Inc
537W Haleakala Research and Development, Inc
222T Hanyang University
222W Hanyang University
240T HawkEye 360, Inc.
236T HexaLayer
123T Hydronalix Inc
123W Hydronalix Inc
437T HyperBorean, LLC
322T IHI Corporation
322W IHI Corporation
425W Infinity Gates
511 iNovar Corporation/Tespack Inc.
535T Intelliconnect, LLC
136T Intilop, Inc.
136W Intilop, Inc.
334T Inventram Inc.
334W Inventram Inc.
502 Ixia
115 Jameson & Company CPAs
437W Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
301 Kansas City National Security Campus
514 Kratos Modular Systems Division
402 Kymeta Corporation
527T LaserMotive
527W LaserMotive
543W Lehigh University/ Pharmateck
236W Leo Aerospace
539T Leo Aerospace
425T LEV Engineering
536T LiquidPiston
536W LiquidPiston
112 Lithium Innovations Co.
403 LSU, Transformational Technologies & Cyber Research Center
124T Luciad Inc.
124W Luciad Inc.
217 Lukos
224W LumiShield Technologies Incorporated
116 Lysicorp AG
235T Machine and Human Interaction LLC
235W Machine and Human Interaction LLC
509 MajiGear
308 MDA Advanced Research
342T MEI Micro, Inc.
238W Mesodyne
239W MicroInvestigate
430W Military Wraps Inc.
122T Modula S Inc.
122W Modula S Inc.
242T MorphGroup
230T MSAB Inc.
230W MSAB Inc.
95 Nano OPS
501 nanoplus America, Inc.
435T Nanoswitch Inc.
102 National Reconnaissance Office
522W Natural Power Concepts
205 Navy SBIR
228T Nebulr LLC
228W Nebulr LLC
428W Neurala, Inc.
423W Nix
107 NOAA
103 Nokomis
439T Nuvotronics
526T NuvOx Pharma
337W Ocella LLC
129T One Eye Industries
129W One Eye Industries
408 Other Lab
231T Paratus Diagnostics
231W Paratus Diagnostics
404 PCP Tactical
127T PFP Cybersecurity
127W PFP Cybersecurity
431T Pharma Bio Laboratories, Inc.
305 Phelps2020, Inc.
338W Photonic Dimensions Inc.
429T Photonic Dimensions Inc.
131T Pison Technology
131W Pison Technology
328T PlantForm Corporation
328W PlantForm Corporation
523T Precision Polyolefins, LLC
523W Precision Polyolefins, LLC
428T RoadBotics
314 Rolled-Ribbon Battery Company
209 SBA
443T SelectTech GeoSpatial Advanced Manufacturing Facility
443W SelectTech GeoSpatial Advanced Manufacturing Facility
214 Sencommunications
110 Sharp Vision Software
234T Shreis Scalene Sciencs LLC
340W Silent Falcon UAS Technologies
137T Sintact Medical Systems
137W Sintact Medical Systems
528T Skymind
331T SmartPrint3D
331W SmartPrint3D
215 SolAero Technologies
524W Solid State Ceramics
93 Sonic Concepts, Inc.
225T St Boniface Hospital
101 StreetShares
538T Surrey Nanosystems Ltd
534T Synmatter
315 Tecate Group
415 Temple Health and Bioscience District
104 Teradek
326T Texas Tech University
326W Texas Tech University
303 The Aerospace Corporation
401 The Boeing Company
424T The University of Alabama
424W The University of Alabama
535W Thermorefinery Technologies Inc.
200 TinMan Systems, Inc.
325T Topspin Technologies inc.
325W Topspin Technologies inc.
442T Tozuda, LLC
426T TriboTEX
528W Twin Ocean Power LLC
304 U.S. Special Operations Command
430T UbiQD
414 UltraTech International, Inc.
423T University of Florida
125T University of Nebraska-Lincoln
429W University of Pittsburgh
529T University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez
529W University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez
316 University of South Florida
540T University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
406 VAWD Applied Science & Technology
203 Verodin
531T Virideon Energy Solutions
531W Virideon Energy Solutions
525T Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting
525W Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting
224T Vlabs
507 Vortexis, Inc
243T W R Systems, Ltd.
434T Washington State University
434W Washington State University
436T Washington State University
330T Westinghouse Electric Company
330W Westinghouse Electric Company
543T WWPass
239T Xendee Corporation
126T YB's Direct, Inc
126W YB's Direct, Inc


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