High Performance Computing (HPC) / Big Data Analytics in the Cloud – Case Study of a scalable, on demand, Data Science Workstation environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

James McGinn
Blue Canopy, Virginia, United States

Keywords: AWS, Cloud, High Performance Compute, Big Data Analytics, Data Science

Are you charged with providing the US Defense Community or US Warfighters with innovation and accelerated state of the art information technology? Are you a U.S. Defense Agency charged with uncovering financial fraud? Are you trying to manage Operational Risk, Cybersecurity, or do you have Analysts who need High Performance Compute (HPC) and secure data access on demand – but only for a short time? Do you have the platform performance & necessary tools to quickly analyze your data and produce meaningful results?Do you have vast amounts of structured and unstructured data with valuable information in it that is not accessible to your users? Are you considering deploying to the Cloud, or Curious as to how you would do so? Learn how a Cloud Based HPC Data Science Workstation can save you millions vs. starting development on premise and migrating to the Cloud. This Data Science Workstation can be deployed to AWS or to AWS more secure TS/SCI Cloud C2S should security requirements demand.