Lightweight And Energy-Dense Batteries With An Unmatched Safety Profile

Richard Wang
Cuberg, Inc., California, United States

Keywords: batteries, lithium metal, electrolytes, soldier power, battery safety

Cuberg is developing a lightweight and energy-dense battery with an exceptional safety profile. The technology is based on a thermally robust, chemically stable, and non-flammable battery electrolyte that enables reliable cycling of lithium metal anodes and high-voltage cathodes. The components are available at cost and at scale, and the battery can be manufactured easily with existing lithium-ion equipment. The technology has already been scaled up to near-commercial cylindrical and pouch formats and is ready for evaluation today. Unlike nearly all existing commercial approaches to next-generation batteries, Cuberg’s technology delivers exceptional energy density in an inherently safe package. The stability of the electrolyte ensures that our batteries do not combust or otherwise fail in a dramatic fashion even when exposed to exceedingly high temperatures, short circuits, mechanical puncture, or other catastrophic failure modes. This technology has the potential to transform nearly any industry that is limited by battery weight, size, and safety. It can deliver mass-market electric vehicles with greatly improved range, portable electronics with greatly enhanced performance, and unmanned vehicles (both in the air and undersea) with unmatched capabilities.