Personalized Neurorehabilitation in Traumatic Brain Insury: Better Treatment Outcomes by Semantic Data Integration

Markus Butz-Ostendorf, Jonathan Sheridan
Biomax Informatics AG, Bavaria, Germany

Keywords: TBI, neurorehabilitation, connectomics, functional reorganization, personalized medicine

TBI is a tremendous burden for the US health system producing costs of about 60 billion dollars by medical treatments and associated lost productivity every year [1]. With 360000 cases between 2000 and 2016 [2], military members are of particular risk suffering from TBI. Effective neurorehabilitation is of utmost importance to restore the patients’ life quality and to lower long-term treatment costs. However, rehabilitation treatment is far from being optimal as treatments are applied very generalized and unspecific while time courses of functional brain reorganization are not considered for personalized treatment plans. Brain imaging data on functional brain reorganization is in principle available but in daily clinical practice, patient data from neuroimaging and cognitive testing must be better integrated to guide an optimally personalized treatment. We propose a novel semantic data integration platform NeuroXM™ that integrates neuroimaging data with cognitive testing. Treatment plans can be suggested by and designed in NeuroXM. Cognitive training can be assembled. Patients perform cognitive training online and measured performance feeds back into the system. Correlations between follow-up neuroimaging and cognitive improvements reveal functional and structural brain reorganization [3] enabling targeted treatment decisions.