Ceramic laminates prepared by the Spark Plasma Sintering for personal ballistic protection

David Salamon
CEITEC – Central Europen Institute of Technology, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Keywords: Al2O3, SiC, laminate, composite

Advanced ceramic materials are widely used as hard part of a personal ballistic protection. Selection of a specific material for required level of the personal ballistic protection needs always to balance between weight and prices. Generally, oxide ceramics such as alumina have low cost but high weight compare with non-oxide ceramics such as silicon carbide. In the presented work, new concept of the ceramic laminates containing alumina and alumina doped with silicon carbide is presented. Slip-casting for used for preparation of laminated ceramic green body composition and Spark Plasma Sintering was applied for sintering. Mechanical and ballistic properties were tested and compared with homogeneous alumina prepared by same procedure. Impact of the internal stresses on the ballistic performance and mechanical properties are discussed.