Portable Hiker Hydro-Power Generation

William Baxley
MajiGear, Florida, United States

Keywords: generator, hydropower, PowerHiker, portable, lightweight, hiking

The PowerHiker device is a portable hydropower generator which may be carried by an individual hiker or soldier as a means for recharging various electronic devices. The unit is typically deployed in a stream or river, where it utilizes the flowing water to turn a rotor and charge an internal battery. This typically would occur during periods of rest or down time, such as over night for a hiker or during other stopped periods for troops. Given the internal battery, no power cables or other critical connections are required back to shore, so a simple line may be used to secure the device, reducing the risk of damage or detection for a shore based component. Unlike other devices that are deployed in flowing water, where the drag tends to pull the device back to shore, the PowerHiker incorporates a novel design where it "water skis" out into the center of the flow to avoid debris and maximize power generation. The PowerHiker may reduce the need for spare batteries, eliminating weight and increasing payload for other materials.