Research at the National Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management

A. Charles Rowney, Lina Sela, Kasey M. Faust and Ben R. Hodges
University of Texas at Austin, Texas, United States

Keywords: water distribution, piping systems, stormwater, sensors, monitoring

The National Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management (CIMM) was funded by the US Federal Government (with US EPA and Homeland Defense as major stakeholders) in 2016 to coordinate development of next-generation water infrastructure simulation models. Our focus includes both fluid distribution systems and stormwater/flood management, currently centered on continued development of EPANET and SWMM, two models with a user base of many tens of thousands of scientists and engineers world wide. These models are suitable for designing, analyzing, and modeling/monitoring the water infrastructure for both permanent military installations and for temporary base construction. Recent and planned extensions to these tools include implementation of a rapid solver for simulation of water distribution systems at any scale, enabling such things as signal detection and analysis focused on intrusion and/or adverse event detection and real time response planning, reliability and resiliency assessment, risk analysis, contaminant propagation, and related assessments. Of particular interest are questions of sensor placement configurations for network-wide coverage and rapid identification/localization of pipe failure/intrusion faults.