NanoM-Mediated Sustained Release Regimen of Loteprednol Etabonate for Effective and Safe Treatment of Corneal Injuries in the Battlefield

Shikha P. Barman, Laura Kaminski, Koushik Barman, Kevin Ward
NanoM Therapeutics, Massachusetts, United States

Keywords: Corneal Injuries, Corneal Abrasions, Thermal/Chemical Burns, Loteprednol Etabonate, Sustained Release

Approximately 2.5 million eye injuries occur annually in the U.S. with ~50,000 of these resulting in blindness. The inflammatory condition associated with eye injury promotes breakdown of the corneal limbus, resulting in corneal neovascularization, scarring, opacification /corneal clouding. Presently, eye injuries are treated with anti-inflammatory gluco-corticosteroid drugs. Although corticosteroid drugs improve outcomes for eye injury, their performance is stifled by naso-lacrimal drainage and fluid turnover rates of eye-drop medications, with