Innovative standalone In-Situ Nano Biochip for Instantaneous Disease Diagnostics

Bharath Babu Nunna & Eon Soo Lee
New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey, United States

Keywords: Nano Biochip, Instantaneous results, Disease Diagnostics, Sensing platform

The In-Situ standalone nano Biochip is designed to detect the disease specific bio-molecules like antigens, from the micro volume of the biofluid samples with a very low concentrations (femto scale) of antigens. The nano Biochip is an in-situ standalone device which can operate by itself, without any external devices. The biochip is incorporated with innovative surface treated microchannels that are designed to control the self-driven capillary flow of biofluid in microchannel and self- separation of the targeted biomolecules during the biofluid flow. Achieving the self-separation of biomolecules from biofluid sample can avoid the sample preparation process and also enhance the sensitivity in detection. The biological reactions of the biomolecules from the sample with the pre-coated antibodies in the microchannels, are captured using the Biochip sensing technology that is developed using highly sensitive nano-circuit design. The quantitative and qualitative results of the sensing mechanism of the Biochip provides the disease diagnostics instantaneously. The Biochip being a sensing platform, can be applied for wide range of disease detection. Due to the ease of operation the nano biochip can also be implemented as a self-evaluation device by any civilian or in military personnel without any medical knowledge.