Harnessing Electron Spin for Room Temperature Quiantum Information Technology

B. Nafradi, M. Choucair, L. Forro
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), VD, Switzerland

Keywords: room temerature quantum computing

The objective of the proposal is to develop a carbon-based electron-spin device capable of quantum information processing at room temperature. Materials that enable quantum information processing could transform all industries dependent on computational power. Therefore, materials are at the heart of some of the biggest challenges facing quantum computing because they represent the tangible, physical basis of converging technologies. However, future technologies incorporating quantum electronic devices will need to be practical. A potential solution to practical quantum computing may involve the use of electrically conducting materials with long room temperature electron spin lifetimes. Until recently, this solution represented a materials dichotomy. Our breakthrough finding detailed in Nature Communications (Nature Communications, 7, 12232, (2016)) demonstrated for the first time that it is feasible to operate the electron spin in conducting materials as a quantum bit – the fundamental component of a quantum computer – at room temperature.