Rapid Cross-link and Regeneration: Reduced or scarless wound healing

N. McLain
University of Southern Mississippi (Southern Miss), Mississippi, United States

Keywords: Rapid wound closure, rapid wound healing, scar reduction, scar free, antibiotic use reduction, infection prevention

Cutaneous wound healing is a complex interaction of multiple factors. The regulation of cellular functions during repair of a dermal injury involves interactions of multiple cell types and processes. The ability to inhibit or stimulate each process has the potential to reduce scarring to the point of scar-less, at best, or minimal scarring, at worst. When our product is instilled into a wound prior to closure it can immediately begin degrading basement type IV collagen allowing healing via cellular migration. It has demonstrated it halts cell proliferation, stimulates keratinocyte differentiation and proliferation, has a profound effect on migration of keratinocytes for wound closure with contracture and type I collagen production. Application at the time of wound closure should peak wound healing factors appropriately for rapid wound healing and reduced scarring. We have completed rodent labs, one human office trial with IRB approval, all of which demonstrated rapid scarless or near scarless wound healing. Further research is required and funding is being sought to optimize the product including additional use testing, method(s) of delivery, large scale human trials, and manufacturing.