Nanoscale Energy Harvesting - Nano-Boxx: Energy Production from Chips to MW

Joseph Birmingham
Birmingham Technologies Inc., Virginia, United States

Keywords: nanoscale energy harvester, thermionic battery, lithium-ion battery, electrochemical, nanomaterials, nanoparticles

Birmingham Technologies has developed a solid-state power generation device that constantly recharges from ambient room heat —providing a continuous on-the-go power supply. Our Nano-Boxx technology replaces lithium-ion batteries. We have been demonstrating this battery replacement technology in Japan for almost two years. The Nano-Boxx derives energy by thermionic emission and quantum tunneling of electrons to produce power. Third party testing at a Japanese University (Tokyo, Japan) has demonstrated 1550 watt-hours per liter for the Nano-Boxx which is 40% better than Lithium-ion batteries. The lifetime of the Nano-Boxx is estimated to be 11 years. Our plans are to scale this nanoscale energy harvesting from earphone size to 1MW to power a ship and cell phones. Furthermore, a Nano-Boxx solves many military problems: • Reduces battery weight on the warfighter, • Changes the nonnuclear Navy operational temp to be equivalent to the Nuclear Navy, • Powers the Internet of Things sensor network • Eliminates the range anxiety for electric vehicles • Establishes a new power source for satellites