Multifunctional inorganic material for rapid tissue regeneration

W. Lepry, S. Naseri, and S. Nazhat
McGill University, QC, Canada

Keywords: tissue engineering, mineralized tissue, wound healing,

AmorphHealTM is a patent-pending bioactive glass, in the form a fine powder characterized by high specific surface area and porosity, created at McGill University. When placed in the body or aqueous environments, this material can rapidly mineralize into bone mineral, through delivery of therapeutic ions, and fully dissolves during healing or repair. Attributable to the unique chemical (ionic doping) and physical (textural) properties, this new class of material can be used in numerous aspects of tissue engineering, including, but not limited to, dental applications (e.g., teeth remineralization), orthopedic applications (e.g., bone repair), soft tissue repair (e.g., wound healing, nerve repair, cardiac tissue, lung tissue, urinary tract, laryngeal repair, etc.), drug delivery, and to enhance the properties of existing biomaterials (e.g., as hemostatic, bioactive, antibacterial and/or angiogenic coatings, as well as bioactive agents in composites, cements, and hydrogels, etc.).