Wave Energy Converter

Cuong Nguyen, Liem Nguyen
Twin Ocean Power, LLC., California, United States

Keywords: Wave energy converter, ocean power generator, clean energy, renewable energy

Twin Ocean Power is a unique and innovative device comprising three floatation devices arranged serially to each other developed to capture the ocean wave movements and converting them into electricity through the up and down motion of the floatation. These motions are then transferred to the torque arm that turns the axels rotating. The gearing system is especially designed to maximize the axel gear rotation from two directions of low rotation into one direction of high rotation to maximize the conversion to electricity. The overload clutch controls the torque transferred from gearing system to flying wheel, preventing the electric generator from overheating, while the flying wheel component keeps the system running smoothly. This device is afloat on the water’s surface while the device can be securely anchored to the seabed. Two or more devices can share a common anchor point to reduce cost. Multiple devices can connect their output power lines to one conjunction box that transfers the electricity to the main line for usage. To expand the system, new set of devices can be simply added to the current system by placing them side by side to each other and connecting their conjunction box together.