Surface Groundsource Geothermal Heat Exchange for Domestic Hot Water Generation at FOBs

John Rutherford
Modula S Inc, Idaho, United States

Keywords: Efficiency, Resilience, FOBs

Modula S has recently been granted a patent for groundsource water to water geothermal heat exchange directly below our ultra-efficient buildings. The heat exchange takes place at the surface level of the soil which enables groundsource heat exchange to be a deployable expeditionary technology. All other groundsource geothermal technologies require that heat exchange take place approximately 6' below the surface of the soil this requires trenching and the use of heavy excavation equipment. This precludes the use of groundsource geothermal heat exchange at FOBs, the DOD currently states that groundsource geothermal technologies are not suitable for deployment at expeditionary bases. The Modula S patented technology changes this into an easily deployable system at FOBs. The DOD currently uses electrical resistance heat for domestic hot water generation at FOBs, this has a COP, coefficient of performance, of 1(one). A groundsource geothermal heat pump has a COP of 4 to 6. We can save 75% to 85% of the electrical energy needed for domestic hot water generation. Additionally, existing resistance systems cause a power load demand spike every morning due to daily showers, we eliminate this spike.