Cyber Security Issue and Solution for Energy Storage System

Sagnika Ghosh and Mohd Hasan Ali
University of Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Keywords: Energy storage, cyber-attacks, distributed generators

Energy storage system is an essential component for integrating the renewable energy sources, in particular the wind generator system and photovoltaic (PV) system to the smart power distribution grid. Due to their random input variations, the wind generator and PV systems produce fluctuated output power, voltage and frequency. The energy storage minimizes fluctuations in power, voltage and frequency, and then delivers smoothed power to the distribution network. The controller of the power electronic converter in the energy storage system requires various signals as their inputs. And these signals are collected through wireless sensors and sent to a supervisory controller where control decisions are made and commands are produced for the energy storage. Thus there is a high possibility of cyber-attacks or signal loss, which may significantly affect the controllers of the energy storage system. If the energy storage does not function properly when required, then the distributed generators will provide fluctuated power, voltage and frequency to the customers, i.e., the power quality of the smart grid system will be deteriorated. Based on this background, this research analyzes the cyber-attacks impact on the energy storage. Also, suitable solutions for the cyber security issues of the energy storage have been explored.