UniMelt Process for the Manufacturing of Materials with Tailored Specifications

G. Wrobel, M. Redjdal, K. Hadidi, E. Petersen
Amastan Technologies, Massachusetts, United States

Keywords: plasma, additive, spheroidization, nano, coatings

Cutting-edge technologies require the availability of materials with well-defined specifications including structure, size-distribution, chemical composition, porosity, morphology, and phase. Amastan’s novel UniMelt™ material processing platform offers tight-control of those specifications for the production of nanomaterials, micron and sub-micron powders, and coatings. The Unimelt™ process is centered on a 6000K uniform temperature microwave generated plasma contained within a high purity, atmospheric pressure environment. Oxides, nitrides, borides, and carbides, as well as pure element materials such as silicon, copper, etc., can be made using UniMelt™. Feedstocks include a diverse range of materials such as homogeneous solutions, colloidals/suspensions, slurries, powders, rods and cylinders. Product morphology is spherical and well suited to applications including optical materials, coatings, additive manufacturing, sintered bulk materials, nanomaterials, energy, etc. UniMelt has been demonstrated at industrial scale with up to multi-kilogram per hour production rates of materials for applications such as lighting, energy storage, additive manufacturing, polishing compounds, optical, armor and many more materials yet to be explored.