3D Printing of Composites using Magnetically Aligned Fibers

Josh Martin, Randall Erb
3DFortify, Massachusetts, United States

Keywords: composites, additive manufacturing, magnetic alignment, discontinuous fiber composites

To help enable the next generation of high-performance 3D-Printed composite materials, 3DFortify Inc. offers a technological breakthrough capable of producing the highest resolution of 3D carbon fiber architectures to-date. Our technology is based on three pillars: patented carbon fiber processing, patented additive manufacturing platforms, and a proprietary CAD-CAM software. We can produce robust carbon fiber reinforced composites with three-dimensional orientation control of carbon fibers within every (50 ┬Ám)^3 voxel of material that we have termed 3DFortified Composites. Furthermore, our patented technology allows for the magnetic alignment of reinforcing fibers, resulting in optimized, functional parts. Applications of this research include providing near-net or finished components to an approved sabot manufacturer for Army use. Resulting improvements in 3DFortified Composite systems will have broad applications in other verticals serviced by the company, including commercial aerospace, automotive and consumer products. These applications include lightweight structural brackets and connectors, UAV components as well as electronics housings and personalized protective equipment.