Synthetic nanosheet coatings for system components requiring gear oil

V. Borisov and P. Rudenko
TriboTEX, Washington, United States

Keywords: efficiency, friction reduction, reversed wear

TriboTEX has been synthesizing nano-sheets that reduce friction, improve efficiency, and reverse wear when added to lubricated mechanical systems. TriboTEX nano-sheets are synthesized structures to have uniquely distinct functions on each side (slick/sticky). The sticky side attaches to metal surfaces creating a lubricious nano-material layer particle by particle, during operation. The formed coating layer adds a finite thickness to worn surfaces effectively reversing wear. The slick side is fictionalized with surface catalysts promoting deposition of a silicon rich diamond-like capping the layer. Improvements in operational efficiency and an increased operating lifetime in mechanical systems can drastically improve the overall efficiency and sustainability in many industrial and military applications. TriboTEX nano-material coatings can be used to improve the functional efficiency and increase the operational lifetime of: engines, transmissions, gearboxes, differentials, and firearm barrels. In February 2017 civilian formulations designed for consumer vehicle applications, both gasoline and diesel, were successfully release via crowdfunding. Recent work has been focused on scaling up production and fine-tuning application specific formulations to serve the needs of specialized military and industrial equipment. Our first goal is to improve resilience and reverse wear in system components lubricated with gear oil operating under different lubrication regimes than engine lubricants.