GreenBone: The strongest bone fully regenerative material ever

L. Pradella
GreenBone ortho Srl, Italy, Italy

Keywords: bone, trauma, regenerative medicine,

GreenBone is a synthetic, acellular, new generation biomimetic and bioactive (osteoinductive, osteoconductive and osteogenic) bone graft (EU class III Medical Device, US 510K). It is suitable for today unsolved non-loaded and load-bearing extensive bone damage: non-union fractures, trauma cancer and infection induced bone loss, spinal fusion. Our patented innovative wood-derived scaffold is engineered to reflect both composition and anatomical - physiological bone hierarchical structures: new generation bioactive nano-crystal size biomimetic substituted calcium phosphate phases (HA +/- TCP and minerals), endowed with micro and nano interconnected porosity plus very high mechanical strength (>150Kg). GreenBone scaffold confirmed the capacity to completely regenerate large bone portion lost or damaged in a load bearing large bone loss sheep study (Assaf-Harofeh Medical Center Israel and Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute Italy) where GreenBone resulted equal or better then transplanted bone. Greenbone is ready for a EU clinical study in patients with load bearing large bone loss caused by trauma and non-union planned by end 2017. Two rounds of investments completed: Seed round 3.0 €/mil (3.6 $/mil) beginning 2015 and Round A 8,4 €/mil (9,5 $/mil) June 2017.