Ultrafast Fiber Lasers and their applications in defense and sensing

B. Cromey, K. Kieu
The University of Arizona, Arizona, United States

Keywords: Ultrafast fiber lasers, sensing, lasers, gyroscope

We present on the development of ultrafast fiber lasers and their applications in sensing and imaging. These femtosecond lasers have enabled multiphoton imaging, precision rotation sensing, and gas sensing applications. Our multiphoton microscope has enabled label free determination of the stages of dysplasia in Barrett’s esophagus, and examined the nonlinear optical properties of materials. Our all-fiber optical parametric oscillator gyroscope has strong advantages over the state of the art. We have achieved real-time dual-comb spectroscopy measurements of gases without the need for complex servo locking systems with a high signal to noise ratio. With these systems, we can gather sample information not available with traditional microscopy, create a precision rotation sensing system unlike any existing market solution, and resolve narrow absorption lines without the need for complex equipment.