The iPOWER Energy-Focused Soldier Mission Planning App

Richard O. Stroman
US Naval Research Laboratory, District of Columbia, United States

Keywords: energy, soldier, simulation, app, optimization

The burden soldiers carry to satisfy their energy needs is well documented. The Naval Research Laboratory, EOIR, Inc. and Army CERDEC have collaborated to reduce that burden by developing advanced soldier power simulation tools. The newest – the iPOWER app – runs on a mobile device to support energy-informed decisions in the field. With iPOWER, soldiers use a simple graphical interface to input parameters for a prospective mission (duration, loads, harvesting opportunities, etc.) and quickly receive an assessment of mission feasibility (sufficient or insufficient energy). iPOWER also recommends a combination of batteries, harvesters, and other components to satisfy the expected mission energy requirements with the least weight. Recommendations are generated by a time-domain simulation of the soldier power system, leveraging prior optimization work, but with reduced scope to improve execution time on the mobile device. The simulation incorporates historical averages of temperature and solar flux to capture the influence of the local environment on energy performance, but a goal is to replace the historical data with real-time weather predictions. The app works across a wide variety of Android devices, but is optimized to run on PEO Soldier’s Nett Warrior platform.