A Spray-On/Spray-Off Bandage for Burn Wounds: Easy Application and Pain Free Removal

A. Colby
Dendricare LLC, Massachusetts, United States

Keywords: Burn, Bandage, Hydrogel, Sprayable, Painless Removal

We are developing a spray-on/spray-off burn wound dressing that is easy to apply to large surface areas and can be removed painlessly and on-demand. Burn wounds are traumatic, painful and difficult to protect from further injury while in the field. Our technology is a three-part solution in which: 1) a hydrogel-based bandage is sprayed onto the wound simultaneously protecting and cooling the wound; 2) a second solution is sprayed onto the bandage which crosslinks the bandage material, locking it in place; and, finally, 3) when removal of the bandage is desired (e.g., once the soldier is at a medical facility) a third solution is sprayed onto the bandage which causes the bandage to dissolve and wash away. The hydrogel-based bandage is strong, elastic and conforms to even the most complex interdigitations of the human hand (see PDF). The on-demand “spray-off” removal is in contrast to traditional cloth bandages or other liquid bandages under development which require mechanical debridement of the wound to remove (an excruciating process). The bandage material contains a two-component liquid that limits evaporation meaning that even in arid climates the bandage will keep the wound cool and hydrated for a prolonged period.