Personal/Handheld/Micro Airborne Threat Detection

Tami Fitzpatrick and Edward Shaver
Entropy Technology Design, Inc., Florida, United States

Keywords: Personal Micro Threat Detection, UAV/Drone Detection, Incoming Mortar Fire Detection / Warning, Lightning/Storm/Tornado Detection

Entropy Technology Design, Inc. is a software/hardware-driven threat detection company. The NIMBUS proprietary technology platform detects and alerts users in real-time of severe weather, lightning, tornado detection and other threats such as micro UAV (Drone), incoming mortar fire, sandstorms, and tunneling. The NIMBUS technology generates its own detection data near real-time in a small portable micro application with no other external inputs. Entropy's design team has extensive expertise and experience in in low frequency magnetic-field detection.Competitive Advantage The Nimbus proprietary data field effectively increases detection probability and eliminates interference / clutter resulting in accurate results that have minimal false positives and provide real time direction and distance to the target. Nimbus data is detailed/complex enough to make it immune from “false positive signals”, a critical requirement that will allow Nimbus to attract global commercial and industrial markets. Target markets: DEFENSE – AVIATION SECTOR - UTILITIES - CONSTRUCTION – HOMELAND DEFENSE - MARINE – EDUCATION SAFETY – OUTDOOR RECREATION – DISASTER MITIGATION - OIL & GAS / INDUSTRIAL SITES - AGRICULTURE