QWiC Power Transfer: Quasi-Wireless Capacitive Transmission and Its Applications

Charles W. Van Neste
Tennessee Technological University, Tennessee, United States

Keywords: Wireless Power, Capacitive, Single Wire, Energy, Transmission

The rapid deployment of electrical energy is a difficult and critical challenge during any mobile operation. Tennessee Technological University’s Center for Energy Systems Research is developing a high utility technology that allows the wireless transmission of electric power over large conducting areas without the need of strong electromagnetic fields. The Quasi-Wireless Capacitive (QWiC) transmission technology operates in a quasi-wireless state where power is transferred to receivers placed on or near an energized conducting surface at transfer efficiencies exceeding 90%. These surfaces may include light-weight aluminum sheets, metal frame-work, vehicle chassis, and even the local soil. QWiC systems offer rapid deployment of lighting and electronic charging to energized surfaces eliminating the need for cables and outlets while reducing weight and wiring complexity.