Airborne EML Armament System

Ernesto Gonzaga
LEV Engineering Science, Nevada, United States

Keywords: EML, hypervelocity, plasma thermal heating, weber per sq. meter, permeability,

We are developing an innovative lightweight electromagnetic launcher. Innovation leads to an efficient design, low cost production, and effective deployment. The innovation enables installation of EML as an effective aircraft weapon system. At low acquisition cost, can potentially replace or complement currently used airborne armaments that have passed obsolescence and at most replace less effective weapons of high acquisition cost. The problems associated with high temperature rise during operation in conventional (known as rail gun) EML design is advantageously minimized if not eliminated thus enabling our innovative design to function efficiently, effectively, and achieve long service life. Capable of launching projectiles at rapid rate, with no litter/sabot left overs, hitting target over long stand-off distance with high accuracy, Vulnerability associated with close encounters is diminished and premium combat aircraft gains higher survivability. With more ammo stored combat engagement endurance is multiplied. The innovative concept leads to low cost acquisition weapon system brought by short term development, long service life, effective deployment, and minimum maintenance.