Preventative Threat Analysis and Detection with Video Aggregation, Analuysis and threat Mitigation

Gary Olson
GTOP Group inc., New York, United States

Keywords: Cognitive Intelligence, Preventative Threat Analysis, Video Threat Analysis, THreat Dection

GT has developed revolutionary new and unique preventative threat detection and mitigation technology for risk analysis. GT’s proprietary software uses patient pending “Cognitive Intelligence” technology to rapidly access, review, identify and display activity for analysts from heretofore seemingly unrelated data sources that can focus on potentially risky or dangerous activity. The key is detection before an occurrence providing timely decisions to prevent the act or quell the risk. The motion and activity detection feature with behavioral pattern analysis identifies movement anomalies that are consistent with potential threat activity.his is accomplished by combining multiple streams of relevant real time and archived video information with all relevant and available data from the internet, social media, satellite derived geo-spatial, spectral, positioning, navigation and timing data along with the contents of security databases that contain various amounts of information about individuals and organizations. Everything that is relevant to the analyst’s concern is put onto one screen allowing continued monitoring or making the decision that immediate action is required. Providing this tool to counter-terrorism, law enforcement and security analysts at every level of government as well as throughout industry reduces the threat of a successful crime or terrorist attack.