High Bandwidth Communication on the Move (COTM)

Tom Boyer
Kymeta Government Solutions, Washington, United States

Keywords: COTM/COTP, Mobile Communications, Flat Panel, Antenna

Kymeta Government Solutions (KGS) is delivering innovative technology solutions and products that enable high bandwidth connectivity to satellites on mobile platforms using flat panel, scanning array antennas. Terminals built using these antennas will be able to achieve order of magnitudes of throughput improvements with equipment that is a fraction of the cost of existing systems. In addition, the low profile, low temperature, low power and low weight features of the antenna are essential to enabling more effective mission capabilities to the war-fighter. KGS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kymeta, is able to leverage the commercial success of Kymeta's current u7 product launch to deliver Ku capabilities and services to commercial customers. Having access to the commercial technology investments has allowed KGS to develop unique solutions for government customers in Ka and other bands for a wide variety of communication requirements on land, sea, air and space systems. Visit Kymeta at our webiste: www.kymetacorp.com to see the mission application and product potential.