Low-cost, Efficient, Reliable Aerial Propulsion

Doug Britton
North American Wave Engine Corp, Maryland, United States

Keywords: UAV, propulsion, efficient, VTOL

The North American Wave Engine Corporation’s (NAWEC) has developed a novel valveless pulsejet engine that has resolved their historical problems of elevated levels of fuel consumption and noise production. NAWEC’s end stage product will be one with extremely high thrust to weight ratios, fuel efficiency, durability and be low cost compared to current technologies on the market. NAWEC’s pulsejet has no moving parts, which will dramatically increase aircraft reliability while decreasing maintenance costs. In the near term, NAWEC sees the technology particularly useful in Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs), the experimental kit airplane market and for providing vertical takeoff and landing. NAWEC’s technology is immediately useful for military applications that involve class 3 UAV designs, target drones or any other system that needs an inexpensive means of propulsion. In short, NAWEC’s technology provides for a propulsion system with increased capabilities, lower maintenance requirements at a low cost.