Production of Peroxide Curing Agent Using Microfluidics

Sabrina Torres
KCNSC, Missouri, United States

Keywords: Microfluidics, Microreactors, Peroxide Synthesis

The Kansas City National Security Campus (KCNSC) produces approximately 70 materials on a recurring basis for use in a variety of products. There is also the occasional need for custom synthesis based on customer needs. As with many chemical manufacturing facilities, large scale batch reactors- ranging from 50 to 500 gallons- are utilized. These reactors require constant monitoring and care to make the quality of material required while maintaining safety throughout the process. However, a recent move to the new facility has put a higher focus on safety, waste generation, and environmental impacts than ever before. Moreover, the move also impacted the overall footprint available for production, making flexibility in production more paramount than ever before. A method for synthesizing these materials is needed that will provide for a safe and efficient method of manufacturing without taking up unavailable space. Microfluidics can provide the answer in many of these cases, including materials that we cannot currently produce due to above concerns.