Diagnostic Platform for Current Health Status Monitoring

Albert Benight
Portland State University, Oregon, United States

Keywords: Health, Diagnostic, Plasma, Thermogram, DSC

Our approach is based on physical measurements of blood plasma and exploits the plethora of information contained in the human plasma proteome, as a reporter of human health status. The assay involves collection and analysis of thermograms of plasma from human blood measured by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Plasma thermograms arise from the temperature-induced denaturation profile of proteins within blood plasma measured by DSC. This insightful measurement thereby provides a snapshot of the current state of the human plasma proteome which directly informs on overall systemic health. Such measurements have been shown to be highly accurate and sensitive indicators of health status. Remarkably, plasma samples from healthy “normal” individuals display a signature thermogram distinct from thermograms for samples from diseased individuals. Attractive features of the plasma thermogram diagnostic platform include the fact it is based on a novel technique, distinct from current genetic biomarkers and other molecular diagnostic approaches. The assay requires a small quantity of material (100 µL per sample), has quick turnaround time (less than 2 hours) and very low test COGS. Assay results are quantitative, robust and reproducible due to fundamental properties of proteins in the plasma sample.