A 1 Tb/inch2 1 ns nonvolatile memory module based on magnetic-photoconductors

B. Nafradi, E. Horvath, L. Forro
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), VD, Switzerland

Keywords: magnetic-photoconductor, digital information storage, memory, 1 ns access time, 1 Tb/inch2 data density

Most of the digital information today is encoded in the magnetization of ferromagnetic domains. Writing a bit is usually achieved by rotating domains, which relies on magnetic fields. An alternative approach is to change the magnetic state directly by changing the interaction between spins. Here, we describe a nonvolatile memory module concept with 1 ns access time and 1 Tb/inch2 data density. The memory is based on a magnetic-photoconductor where the digital information is stored by differently aligned magnetic domains of the magnetic-photoconductor. The information is altered by a simultaneous application of light and magnetic field and it is read electronically. The key element to our design is magnetic-photoconductor in which the magnetic state is changed by tuning the magnetic interactions rather by rotating magnetic domains. This is possible due to the light tunable interactions mediated by photo induced electrons.