Plasma Based Force-Field Access Denial System/PBFFADS

Ernesto Gonzaga
LEV Engineering and Applied Science, Nevada, United States

Keywords: Force-Field, ACP, Autonomous, C4I, Dual Use

PBFFADS is a less-than-lethal directed energy security system designed to function as a visual and physical barrier to prevent unauthorized access into buildings and can also prevent movement within buildings through compartmentalization. Functions as an Access Control Point for area intrusion and is delay/deny/respond capable. PBFFADS will save lives. Robotic functioning will reduce or eliminate the need for human interaction during dangerous events. It will reduce overall costs and will evolve into hybrid handheld devices. It satisfies many DOD & DARPA requests for leap-ahead technologies. This system will provide Force-on-Force, and will do so autonomously. This system meets the CONOPS 2020 requirements by providing advanced technologies that can be incorporated into tactics, techniques & procedures. This system will provide optimization of manpower. Future versions of this system will include integration into existing DOD FPS3 & C4I systems that will utilize global sector lock down functioning for security, terrorism and/or quarantine purposes. Capable of Tailored Lethality functioning when necessary. Markets exist for commercial and residential uses. Flexible designs allow for stationary or portable units. Capable of obtaining COTS status.