Replacing Internal Combustion Engine with new I x B Electromagnetic engine

Ernesto Gonzaga
LEV Engineering and Applied Science, Nevada, United States

Keywords: EV, Electromagnetic propulsion, efficient, fossil fuel reduction, dual use

Our company is dedicated to supporting the elimination of carbon pollution of the environment, and in particular, in the air we breathe. We intend to do this by introducing our I x B electromagnetic engine to replace the fossil-fuel burning internal combustion engine (ICE) technology. This engine is an innovative electric energy consuming power plant. This engine will be competing against ICE and the costly heavy electric motors that are currently replacing ICE power plants. I x B electromagnetic engines will be lighter, more efficient, cheaper to manufacture, and will deliver more power per unit weight. Funding of the project development will mostly depend on the grant money that may be awarded to our effort. A functional engineering model is being built and our company would like to be given the opportunity to continue the development into a full phase stage. We are focused on assisting the U S government and military end users. Vast global civilian markets currently exist.