High Performance Wide Bandgap Switch Mode Power Technologies

William M.Bradley
QorTek Inc., Pennsylvania, United States

Keywords: Switch Mode Power Supplies, Wide Bandgap, GaN, SiC, High Density Power Supplies and Amplifiers

QorTek is actively developing and fielding a number of high-density wide bandgap-based power systems. These include ongoing or completed programs on GaN-based converters with textured magnetoelastic tunable inductors, high-speed switching electronics with integrated planar magnetic, regenerative SiC-based high-voltage acoustic and ultrasonic amplifier technologies, and reconfigurable power management systems for aerospace and military systems. The introduction of GaN and SiC components have enabled demonstration of switching speeds, electrical efficiency and size reductions previously out of reach for traditional silicon devices. QorTek has a long history of developing high-voltage (500V - 3kV) SiC based amplifiers for Navy acoustic applications. Pulse-power systems reaching power densities of over 250W/in3 have been demonstrated and electrical efficiencies well over 95% is common. GaN based power conversion has been a disruptive technology for switch mode power systems. QorTek has developed and demonstrated a variety of modular GaN-based switching platforms, which through implementation of digitally controlled reconfigurable architectures, allow cost effective high-density power systems to be quickly developed and optimized for a wide range of applications.