Ultra-low Noise High Power Density Power Solutions

William M. Bradley
QorTek Inc., Pennsylvania, United States

Keywords: Switch Mode Power Supplies, Low-Noise, High Density Power, FPGA, Digital Control

QorTek has developed and recently demonstrated extremely low noise and high-power density power electronics solutions including both AC to DC and DC to DC converters to the Air-Force, Army, Navy, and defense industry primes. The solution is based on advanced power topologies, enabling switching power converters to output clean power that has noise levels at or below 10uV/√Hz. Beyond the industry leading noise characteristics, the technology is fully firmware upgradable power system using high performance FPGA control. Passive filtering which is large, heavy and very expensive is simultaneously eliminated. The QorTek solution can be hardware qualified at the board level and be upgraded with firmware in the future to address changing requirements or future code upgrades. Modification of the FPGA firmware alone can affect the noise profile as to eliminate the requirement for future qualification updates and lost production time that are required for the legacy hardware life cycle management and sustainment. QorTek looks to team with both industry and the DoD to transition this innovative technology to make it available to the defense industry to integrate into current, legacy, and emerging systems.