A Review of Ceramic Power Technology

S. Dynan, G. Knowles, S. Tuncdemir
Solid State Ceramics, Pennsylvania, United States

Keywords: power converters, high voltage power supplies, radhard, high temperature, EMI/RFI inert

Solid State Ceramics (SSC) is developing new piezoelectric ceramic materials and process engineering methods that enable high temperature/high performance/radhard multilayer cofired ceramics specifically designed to replace magnetics in power systems. This represents the first technology that realistically offers options to magnetic-based power supplies/isolators/converters/regulators offering higher power densities and smaller form factors than equivalent magnetics solutions. SSC’s new cofired galvanic isolated multilayer ceramic technology has SOR of >250C (> 480F) and >2Mrad TID capabilities. The thin (< 1mm) lightweight technology can be directly used as transformers for key military/space applications such as munition ESAD or space ion propulsion, solving HV supply needs in the 300V to 5kV range using any standard supply bus, where it provides large SWaP-C savings over equivalent magnetic solutions. These ceramics can also be integrated with wideband gap FET devices as to create a whole new class of PMAD solutions meeting military and NASA nextgen needs in power solutions that can reliably operate in high temperature/radiation environments (e.g. long duration MEO/GEO orbit satellite dc/dc converters, POL supplies, etc.). The ceramic devices are between 96% - 98.5% efficient, and, 85%-91% efficiencies when integrated into advanced high temp/rad GaN or SiC switching power topologies.