Long-term, personalized learning across training products from many providers

J. Folsom-Kovarik
Soar Technology, Inc., Florida, United States

Keywords: training, intelligent systems, personalization, interoperation, software

Electronic teaching and training for medical practitioners takes on many forms: slides and videos, online courses, and numerous part-task and high-fidelity simulators. These various courses and training products are made by diverse training activity providers. They do not always interoperate, share standardized data, or let instructors take advantage of ways they could build on each other and complement each other. Furthermore, important barriers to interoperation arise in the medical domain such as data privacy and cyber security requirements. Soar Technology is creating intelligent systems that address interoperability needs by monitoring, understanding, and guiding a learner across training products from many providers. We interpret data across training products to deliver an actionable, holistic understanding of learning context, performance, and needs. As a result, we can support a long-term, personalized learning experience. Our poster will include examples from three medical training products: a virtual clinician incorporating speech recognition for neuropsychological task assessment, an experimental augmented-reality moulage system for enhancing training exercises, and interactive decision-making scenarios integrated in ARL’s Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT). By unifying these learning experiences with intelligent software, we describe a use case of progressing medical trainees through training tailored to their personal learning needs.