Review of Striction Technology

S. Dynan, G. Knowles, S. Tuncdemir
Solid State Ceramics, Inc, Pennsylvania, United States

Keywords: Extreme environment operation, current sensor, voltage sensor, striction materials, solid-state

Solid State Ceramics (SSC) is at the forefront of piezostriction and magnetostriction materials development, applying such materials to difficult Military problems. Working with Military contractors, Government labs and leading USA universities, SSC has developed advanced smart materials for high temperature/radiation operational capable sensors and energy harvesters for launch system, propulsion systems, engines etc. SSC has developed innovative high force/stroke capable actuators employing these new piezostriction materials for valving systems, space attitude control systems, etc. New ultrathin (< 1mm) magnetostriction materials based current sensors invented by SSC are being integrated into current flow sensors and smart PEBBs. SSC recently demonstrated new (cofired) multilayer high temperature piezostriction devices that use inexpensive copper electrodes. These new devices can operate without failures at >250C (480F) - where all standard piezoceramic devices will have failed. The technology is now being further developed for >350C applications. SSC new striction technologies are in evaluation by leading defense companies and NASA for key military and space applications where it offers unparalleled capabilities for use as sensors, actuators, and energy harvesters. Of importance, SSC new high force/stroke copper electroded and textured actuators offer nextgen capabilities for Naval applications including sonar, comm., and interdiction.