Microelectronics Advancements in Extreme Environments

Ken G. Riley, Marshall Soares
RelChip, Utah, United States

Keywords: Key words: Microelectronics, extreme, high temperature, HTHP logging, EEPROM, RC10001. SOI.

Critical Extreme (Hot and Cold) Operating Microelectronics (CEeOM), in Defense Systems to Energy*, Medical, and Automotive Platforms: Current sustained high temperature operations of digital technology are limiting the performance of critical systems that provide everything from security of the Homeland, USA, to Energy development, enabling Medical and Commercial (COT) Technologies. However, due to. recent commercial component offerings this imperative is being significantly altered with the advent of a new line of Microelectronics specifically for extreme/harsh environments, starting with the 300C Micro and a 225C, with SOI components. These new Technology will increase life & reliability of the systems up to 4 times. An example tool including up to four spinners (fluid flow measurement), four analog inputs (for pressure, temperature or other sensors), EEPROM storage (program and data), FSK logic (wireline data transmission), and a high-speed UART (tool communication). Included is the capability for field updates of code, with constant calibration. These micro-electronics can be expanded for more complex applications in Aerospace & Automotive Systems, well exploration and completion systems, and critical infrastructure of Utilities, and Medical Technology. These areas of application can be improved with higher well output, greater operating ranges and lifecycles, along with significant efficiency gains.