High Quality-Factor Resonant Terahertz Detectors

Mustafa Karabiyik
See Through Vision Systems, Florida, United States

Keywords: Terahertz, Camera, Graphene, security

The detectors we have developed allow us to sense THz light at room temperature with record high resonance and responsivity values. The quality factors of the resonance can reach up to 650 and responsivity values can be as high as 400 V/W. No previous research could claim such high values. The resonance at 300 GHz has a band width of 500 MHz. Previously, resonant Terahertz detection has been observed at cryogenic temperatures at 4 Kelvin (-270C/-452F) with a few tens of quality factor. This achievement can lead to many new applications such as short range secure communication in high frequency region, security imaging applications, defect detection with in the materials. Sky is the limit in applications. Room-temperature, tunable, fast detection of THz by compact graphene plasmonic devices will lead to revolutionary new capabilities and performances in wide variety of applications. Possible applications of the detectors span virtually all fields of science, including physics, chemistry, and biology, and will affect electronics, photonics, and imaging technologies. We envision that our products will generate revolutionary devices and systems for both civilian and defense use, and lead to early product development and commercialization of compact THz-on-chip systems for portable applications and THz imaging cameras.