High Voltage Cathode Materials for Military Applications

Bin Li, Ana Kiricova
Wildcat Discovery Technologies, California, United States

Keywords: Battery, Batteries, Energy Storage,

Higher energy at a reduced weight and for a longer run time are strong requirements for energy storage candidates feeding military application needs. While LiFePO4 batteries exhibit improved safety over oxide based cells, their energy density is limited due to the relatively low operating potential of 3.6V. In contrast, LiCoPO4, with an olivine structure expected to have similar stability and safety to LiFePO4, has a high operating potential of 4.9V. The increase in voltage translates to a potential 25-30% increased cell energy compared to LFePO4. The material has demonstrated over 1000 cycles when used in conjunction with Wildcat high voltage electrolyte. This poster presentation will discuss the material development process and progress on high voltage CM1.