DITAC OCT 3-5, 2017, TAMPA, FL
Defense Energy Innovation Summit and Showcase


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Day:  Tuesday / Wednesday


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2:30 - 3:15 P.M.

Advanced Materials: Advanced Manufacturing

T10. Manufacturing of 3D, Large, Complex Geometry of Metallic Glass Structures
Hai-Lung Tsai, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US

T11. AeroClay as An Advanced Foam Technology Platform
Yuxin Wang, AeroClay LLC, US

T12. Non-Isocyanate Polyurethanes for Additive Manufacturing
Ivan Javni, Olivera Bilic, Jian Hong, Nikola Bilic, Xianmei Wan and Jamie M. Messman, Pittsburg State University, Kansas Polymer Research Center, US

Advanced Materials: Bioderived & Bioinspired Materials

T13. Copper Chitosan Microbeads for Wound Healing Applications
Bulent Mutus, University of Windsor, CA

Advanced Materials: Electronic & Photonic Materials

T14. Highly efficient thermal conducting materials based on boron nitride nanotubes
Jaewoo Kim, Sangin Kim, Young Ryul Kim, Sungyun Cho, Soonduk Lee, and Min Kyung Zo, NAIEEL Co., US

T15. Low Temperature Processing Approach to Highly Crystalline Bulk Nanostructured Materials
Daniela R. Radu, Delaware State University, US

Advanced Materials: Energy & Power Materials

T16. A revolutionary new soft magnetic material: gamma'-Fe4N
Todd Monson, Sandia National Labs, US

T17. Electrochemical performance of graphene/carbon nanoflower composite
Anna Lähde,Mirella Miettinen, Tiina Torvela, Tommi Karhunen, Jarno Ruusunen, Jorma Jokiniemi, University of Eastern Finland, FI

Advanced Materials: Organic & Hybrid Materials

T18. High-resolution patterning of organohalide lead perovskite pixels for photodetectors using orthogonal photolithography
Liano Perez, Texas State University, US

T19. Impact Resistant and Multifunctional Thin Films
Jacob Schliesser, Metashield LLC, US

Advanced Materials: Other

T20. ALITEC: High-Performance, Environmentally Cleaner Solid Rocket Propellant
Brandon C. Terry, Adranos Energetics LLC, US

Advanced Materials: Structural & Multifunctional Materials

T21. Self Healing Composite Structures
AL Perez, Texas High Energy Materials, LLC, US

T22. Thermoacoustic sound projectors using carbon nanotubes and other nanostructures.
Ali E. Aliev, University of Texas at Dallas, US

T23. Dynamic Testing of Emergency Repaired Columns using Shape Memory Alloys
Bassem Andrawes and Donghuk Jung, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US

Cyber & Software: Critical Infrastructure

T24. PECC: A C Compiler with Program Counter Encoding
Changwoo Pyo, Gyungho Lee, Hongik University, KR

Cyber & Software: Digital Forensics

T25. Mobile ID Authentication Using AI-based Machine Learning & Computer Vision
Ralph A. Rodriguez, Justin Boyd, Confirm, Inc., US

Cyber & Software: Industrial Control

T26. Cybersecurity Compliance for Building Control Systems
Billy Rios, WhiteScope LLC, US

T27. Enhancing the Cyber Workforce: Mobile ICS Security Trainer
Jonathan Butts, QED Secure Solutions, US

Cyber & Software: Threat Assessment

T28. Identity Threat Assessment and Prediction
Jim Zaiss, K. Suzanne Barber, The Center for Identity, University of Texas at Austin, US

T29. TRUST FILTERING to find the Best Sources in Social Media
Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem, K. Suzanne Barber, The Center for Identity at the University of Texas at Austin, US

Defense Systems: Electronic Systems

T30. High Power Microwave Generation with Solid-State System
Timothy M. Ziemba; James R. Prager, Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc., US

Defense Systems: Other

T31. PrecisionTerrain
Rebecca Schwartz, Lockheed Martin, US

Defense Systems: Robotics

T32. Small Arms Stabilization
Matthew Angle, Port City Research, US

Defense Systems: Sensor Systems

T33. Airborne Visibility Indicator System
Arthur Estrada, US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, US

T34. Safe Return: Collaborative Sensing for Enhanced Search and Rescue
Mark Leach, Kamea Leach, Collaborative Sensing LLC, US

T35. Energy-Efficient Aerial and Ground Sensing for Rapid Field Response
ZhiQiang Chen, University of Missouri-Kansas City, US

T36. Wireless Magnetoelastic Smart Sensors (MagSens)
Todd Monson, Sandia National Labs, US

Defense Systems: Software Systems

T37. Web-based geospatial multiple criteria analysis using open software and standards
Tim Clark, RGi Geospatial, US

Energy & Resilience: Efficiency Solutions

T38. Effective optical decontamination and manipulation of viruses and bacteria using meta-materials
I. Mihailescu and N.Enaki, Institute of Applied Physics of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, MD

T39. Advanced conductive sprays for enhanced windows
Leah Riley, PolyDrop, US

T40. Nanoparticle Embedded Dielectric AR Coatings for Enhanced Photo-Conversion Efficiency of Triple Junction Solar Cells
Puruswottam Aryal, Glenn Mesa, William Bickmore, Mike Dahlby, Jacob Schliesser, and Martin Ben-Dayan, Metashield LLC, US

Energy & Resilience: Energy Security

T41. Advanced Power Controls for Local Generation of hybrid Power
Rick Lank, DERP Technologies LLC, US

Energy & Resilience: Energy Storage

T42. Ultra-capacitor based conformal/structural energy storage (SES) for Defense applications
Fabrizio Martini, FastCAP Systems Corp., US

T43. Pickering Emulsification to Mass Produce Nanoencapsulated Phase-change-material
Xuezhen Wang, Lecheng Zhang, Yi-hsien Yu, Sam Mannan, Zhengdong Cheng, Texas A&M University, US

T44. A Three-Dimensionally Structured Hybrid Electrodes for Energy Storage Devices
Jonghyun Park, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US

T45. Impact of Ultrathin Coating on Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Materials
Jonghyun Park, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US

Energy & Resilience: Grid Solutions

T46. Fast, Bi-directional Photonic Power Switch for Efficient Power Conversion
Kristin Sampayan, Opcondys, Inc., US

T47. Solar Forecast for Military Applications
John Holmes, Jan Kleissl, University of California, San Diego, US

Energy & Resilience: Other

T48. Advanced Voltage Control on Distribution Feeders and Microgrids with High PV Penetration
Jan Kleissl, John Holmes, University of California, San Diego, US

Energy & Resilience: Power Generation

T49. Pivoting Blade Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Taylor Beaman, Aaron Beaman, Coy Beaman, James Madison, Slipstream Wind, US

T50. Expeditionary Energy
Ned McMahon, Primo Wind Inc., US

T51. Nanostructured Carbon Yarn Based Optoelectronic Rods for Efficient Energy Generation and Structural Protection
M. Jasim Uddin, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, US

T52. High Capacity Power Generation Energy Storage Platform
Zach Taylor, Pacific Energy, US

Energy & Resilience: Soldier Technologies

T53. Silicon-based Infrared Detectors and Emitters
William N. Carr, New Jersey Microsystems Inc, US

Energy & Resilience: Waste & Water

T54. Waste Plastic Conversion to Fuels
Daniel M. Ginosar, Lucia M. Petkovic, Anne M. Gaffney, Idaho National Laboratory, US

T55. s-teemer: Bathroom in a Bag
Zdzisław Iwanejko, teemer, PL

Medical & Biotech: Advanced Material Platforms

T56. Tailoring of Protein Stability and Performance via Polymer-Based Protein Engineering
Antonina Simakova, Krzyzsztof Matyjaszewski, Alan Russell, Biohybrid Solutions LLC, US

T57. GreenBone, the unique wood-derived bone regenerative implant for extensive bone damages in load-bearing and other skeletal segments.
Lorenzo Pradella, GreenBone Ortho srl, IT

Medical & Biotech: Concussive Injuries

T58. Microwave based pre-hospital diagnostics for trauma
Mikael Persson, Chalmers University of Technology, SE

T59. Cerebral [18F]T807/AV1451 Retention Pattern in Clinically Probable Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Resembles Pathognomonic Distribution of CTE Tauopathy
Sam Gandy, James J Peters VA Medical Center, US

T60. Health in Ultra Endurance Events: SUMMIT Lab® Project
Emma Roca, Lexa Nescolarde, SUMMIT Lab, ES

T61. Identification of a new target for neuroprotection after TBI and a new related blood biomarker
Michel Baudry, Xiaoning Bi and Yubin Wang, NeurAegis, Inc, US

Medical & Biotech: Emergency/Disaster Relief Medicine

T62. From Zika to rehabilitation pathways - Knowledge Management for eHealth
Jonathan Sheridan, Biomax Informatics, US

T63. Ex Situ Normothermic Limb Perfusion Maintains Limb Function and Viability for 12 hours Following Amputation
Eliana F R Duraes; Maria Madajka; Basem Soliman; Cagri Cakmakoglu; Stephanie Kortyka; Addison Barnett; Russell Frautschi; Kashyap Tadisina; Qiang Liu; Toshihiro Okamoto; Cristiano Quintini; Francis Papay; Antonio Rampazzo; Bahar Bassiri Gharb, Cleveland Clinic, US

T64. A Non-invasive Device That Decreases Internal Bleeding
Yusuf Ozgur Cakmak, Kerem Uygurem, Inventram A.S., TR

T65. Multifunctional Topical Dressing for Burn Wounds
Tirumalai Sudarshan and Kris Rangan, Materials Modification Inc, US

T66. Composite Biopolymer Gel for Immediate Hemorrhage Control Without Manual Compression
Omar Ahmad, Cresilon, Inc., US

Medical & Biotech: Infectious Disease

T67. Advantages of IGY Chicken Antibodies in Life Sciences
Christopher Oelkrug, Fraunhofer Project Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing, DE

T68. New compounds for the treatment of Mycobacterium abscessus and Acinetobacter baumanii
Keith Combrink, Florian Maurer, Texas A&M International Univ, US

T69. A system for to Predict and Analyze Novel and Emerging Diseases Enabled by Models of Infectious Diseases (PANDEMIC)
Arthur Wollocko, Brian Prue, Charles River Analytics Inc, US

T70. A Novel Transdermal Silver Iontophoresis Delivery System (Ion VAC) for Prophylaxis of Bacterial Infection
Madajka Maria, Kwiecien Grzegorz, Mlynek Karolina, Kayshap Tadisina, Russell Frautschi, Frank Papay, Bahar Bassiri Gharb,Christine McDonald, and Craig Homer, Cleveland Clinic, US

T71. Low SWAP Point-of-Need Pathogen Detection System
Gregory Raupp, Karen Anderson, Joseph Smith, Jennifer Blain Christen, Benjamin Katchman, Arizona State University, US

T72. A novel small molecule, theissenolactone C, inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced TAK-1/IKK signaling and improves endotoxemic injuries in vivo
George Hsiao, Po-Jen Hsueh, Taipei Medical University, TW

T73. Liponucleotide therapeutics for influenza
Ian Davis, The Ohio State University, US

Medical & Biotech: Regenerative Medicine

T75. A Novel Peptide-based Topical Therapeutic to Promote Corneal Regeneration and Restore Corneal Biomechanics
Christina L. Grek, Gautam Ghatnekar, Hai Yai, Glenn Hepfer, Daniel Gibson, FirstString Research, Inc, US

T76. A Peptide-based Topical Therapeutic to Enhance Wound Regeneration and Promote Scarless Healing
Gautam S. Ghatnekar, Christina L. Grek, FirstString Research, Inc, US

Medical & Biotech: Rehabilitation

T77. The Osseointegrated Prosthetic Limb (OPL) for the Reconstruction of Lower Limb Amputees
William Lu, Osseointegration Group of Australia, AU

T78. Minimally invasive treatment for traumatic corneal blindness
Yichieh Shiuey and Yimin Shiuey, KeraMed inc, US



WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2:30 - 3:15 P.M.

Advanced Materials: Advanced Manufacturing

W10. RF-DNA of additive manufacturing materials for anti-counterfeiting applications
Brent Young, AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, US

W11. Fabricating the Future: A compact, lightweight, mobile e-beam tool for additive manufacturing
Jayakar Thangaraj, Daniel Bowring, Robert Kephart, Cherri Schmidt, Aaron Sauers, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, US

W12. 3-D printable radiation shielding materials based on the lead monoxide dispersed epoxy resins
Jaewoo Kim, NAIEEL Co., US

Advanced Materials: Electronic & Photonic Materials

W13. Metal-free smart textiles
Leah Riley, PolyDrop, US

W14. High-Throughput Computational Design of Perovskite-Based Advanced Functional Materials: Two-Dimensional Electron Gas Systems and Solar Cells
Kesong Yang, University of California San Diego, US

Advanced Materials: Energy & Power Materials

W15. Electrochemical characteristics of KFeO2 as an anode material for high-powered lithium-ion batteries
Eun-Suok Oh, University of Ulsan, KR

Advanced Materials: Organic & Hybrid Materials

W16. Enabling Future Flexible Electronics: Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Films Deposited with MALD
Antonio T. Lucero, Lanxia Cheng, Jaebeom Lee, Joy S. Lee, Jiyoung Kim, University of Texas at Dallas, US

Advanced Materials: Other

W17. Durable, Low Adhesion Icephobic Coatings
Anish Tuteja, Amey Thorat and Kausik Mukhopadhyay, HygraTek LLC, US

Cyber & Software: Communications

W18. Advanced Speech Recognition in High Noise Environments
Cynthia Hoyt, Think-A-Move, Ltd., US

Cyber & Software: Critical Infrastructure

W19. Cybersecurity and Salesforce: Solving the Weak Link
Alex Wong, Chris Scheppler, Adaptus LLC, US

W20. Cyber-Attacks to business-critical applications in Defense and Energy industries
J.P. Pereze, Onapsis, US

Cyber & Software: Data Protection

W21. Defending Against the Silent Intruder in the age of the IoT
Lillie Coney, Bruce Corporation, US

W22. Automated Analysis of Secure Data Usage Control Policies
Rajkumar P.V., Texas Southern University Houston, US

W23. Polymorphic, Active Cyber Defense: Beyond deeper moats and higher walls!
Larry Balash, Chis Delaney, Cael Jacobs, Dexter Edward, LLC, US

Cyber & Software: Threat Assessment

W24. Situational Awareness and Decision Making with Help of Big Data Analytics
Bandana Kar, University of Southern Mississippi, US

W25. The Identity of the Insider Threat
Suzanne Barber, Patrick J. Lechleitner, Robert Novy, Sean McCleskey, John Boyd, Kathleen Carroll, Allen Vaughn, Center for Identity, The University of Texas, US

Defense Systems: Autonomous Systems

W26. Knowledge Extraction from Mixed-Precision Information
Charles Parker, NamesforLife, LLC, US

Defense Systems: Other

W27. Portable Adaptive Learning Management System (PALMS) with model-based deep learning capability
Weijia Zhang, The Learning City, US

Defense Systems: Security Systems

W28. Ultra-sensitive Real-time Sensor for Military and Improvised Nitro Based Explosives using Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy
Gottipaty Rao, Adelphi University, US

Defense Systems: Sensor Systems

W29. Tunable narrowband longwave infrared filters for enhanced thermal imaging applications
Ahmed Sharkawy, Mathew Zablocki, Timothy Creazzo, Lumilant Inc, US

W30. Wireless Sensor Network of Isotropic Gas Sensors Integrated with Nanomaterial
Hoseon Lee, Kennesaw State University, US

Defense Systems: Transportation

W31. A Modular Electrocycle Rocket Engine for Space Access
Pat Bahn, TGV Rockets, US

Defense Systems: UAVs

W32. Geostationary High-Altitude Balloon Platform
Erinn van Wynsberghe, VanWyn, CA

Energy & Resilience: Buildings & Bases

W33. Supply Chain Resiliency and Investment in Prevention System
Rebecca Rush, FEWSS Project, US

W34. Rapid Energy Modeling for Installation Energy Planning and Compliance
Jennifer Rupnow, Ian Molloy, Mike Giniger, Autodesk, US

W35. Modula S Buildings are the Microgrid
Jack Rutherford, Modula S Inc, US

Energy & Resilience: Efficiency Solutions

W36. Sustainable Energy-efficient Powder Coatings
Mohammad Tauhidul Islam Bhuiyan, Hui Zhang, Jesse Zhu, Western University, CA

W37. Heating or Cooling Off-Grid Using A Novel Alternative, Renewable Microenergy Source
Chang Hee Kim, Sanza Kazedi, Corlume, US

W38. Self assembling tribofilms from anisotropic nanoparticles.
Pavlo Rudenko, TriboTEX, US

W39. TriboTex: A self generating restorative lubcricious coating for industrial machines
Pavlo Rudenko, TriboTex, US

Energy & Resilience: Energy Security

W40. Solar Power that is Reliable, Portable and Cost Effective in Challenging Environments
James Tomlinson, Tetra West Technology, US

Energy & Resilience: Energy Storage

W41. Durability and Reliability Assessment of Energy Storage Technologies
Eric J. Dufek, Idaho National Laboratory, US

W42. Solar-to-Fuel Using Catalytic Polymer Surface Coatings
Gary F. Moore, Arizona State University, US

W43. Synthesis and Characterization of a New Form of Three-Dimensional Graphene for Energy Storage Applications
Vesselin Shanov, University of Cincinnati, US

W44. Autonomous Electric Charging of UAVs and USVs
Anthony Baro, PowerDocks LLC, US

Energy & Resilience: Other

W45. Asymmetric Twin-Screw Compressor for Thermal Management Systems
Gregory Cole, Mainstream Engineering Corporation, US

W46. Hydro Dynamic Turbines: The Future of Hydroelectric
Richard Navarro, Vijay Darekar, Creative Mind Solutions LLC, US

Energy & Resilience: Power Generation

W47. Optimization of Natural Gas Turbines for Greater Resiliency & Quick Starts
Rick Lank, DERP Technologies LC, US

W48. Individual hydro turbine
Bill Baxley, Ocean Current Energy LLC, US

W49. Quantum Dot-Enabled Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Portable Power Generation
Aaron Jackson, Hunter McDaniel, Matthew Bergren, Karthik Ramasamy, Nikolay Makarov, UbiQD, llc, US

W50. < 1g/W solar cells on flexible silicon substrates
Andre Augusto, Arizona State University, US

W51. Development of a Mobile Water Energy Harvesting System
Bruce Heafitz, William Baxley, Herbert Nock, Ocean Current Energy, LLC., US

W52. Autonomous Power and Energy Management in 5KW-15KW Solar Renewable Hybrid Power Systems
David Liu, HDM Systems Corporation, US

W53. A new manufacturing route for low-cost semiconducting devices
David L. Young, John Simon, Aaron Ptak, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US

W54. Demonstration of an ORC Engine to Increase Diesel Genset Efficiency
Eric Ringler, Southern Research, US

W55. Marine Autonomous Powered Docking Platforms (MAPDs) designed and produced to serve the operational needs of Marine Electric Propulsion Vessels, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Surface Autonomous Vehicles (SAV), Aquaculture Farming and related syst
Anthony Baro, PowerDocks LLC, US

W56. Ultra-High Temperature Zn(Sn,Ge,Si)N2:GaN Thermoelectrics
Paul Quayle, Kyma Technologies, Inc., US

Energy & Resilience: Soldier Technologies

W57. Artificial Platelet for Internal Hemorrhage
Ying Liu and Alexander Donovan, CurMed Pharmaceuticals, US

Energy & Resilience: Transportation

W58. SmartEnergi’s Innovative Lower Cost and Higher Performance Energy Storage For Mission Critical Systems – Transportation and Stationary Energy Storage
Daniel Kumi, SmartEnergi Corp, US

W59. Conductive Polymer Additives for Primers and Composites
Volha Hrechka, PolyDrop, US

Energy & Resilience: Waste & Water

W60. Bonding Interfacial Characteristics of Chalcogenide Thermoelectric Module
Sang Hyun Park, Korean Institute of Energy Research, KR

Medical & Biotech: Advanced Material Platforms

W61. Biomimetic surgical implants for musculoskeletal regeneration
E. Tasciotti, Houston Methodist Research Institute, US

W62. Defensosomes: A biomimetic polyantimicrobial therapy
E. Tasciotti, Houston Methodist Research Institute, US

Medical & Biotech: CBRN (Chem/Bio/Rad/Nuclear)

W63. Fluid-Screen: Bacterial Capture and Detection in Real-Time
Monika Weber, Fluid-Screen, Inc., US

W64. Nuclear Countermeasure Effects of TP508
Darrell Carney, Chrysalis BioTherapeutics, Inc., US

Medical & Biotech: Concussive Injuries

W65. Magnetic Resonance Elastography for the study of blast Traumatic Brain Injury
Janusz H. Hankiewicz, University Colorado Colorado Springs, US

W66. A Novel Advanced Resuscitation Fluid for Traumatic Brain Injury with Hemorrhagic Shock
Denis E. Bragin, Edwin M. Nemoto, Marina V. kameneva, University of New Mexico School of Medicine, US

W67. New anti-neuroinflammatory drug to mitigate trauma- or radiation-induced brain injury
Linda Van Eldik, ImmunoChem Therapeutics, LLC, US

W68. MicroRNA for the acute and long term diagnosis of concussion
Sarjubahi Patel, Thomas Rau, FYR Diagnostics, US

Medical & Biotech: Emergency/Disaster Relief Medicine

W69. Thinnest Transparent Epidermal Sensor System Based on Graphene
Shideh Kabiri Amery, Deji Akinwande, Nanshu Lu, University of Texas at Austin, US

W70. VentRight Technologies: Portable Ventilation Monitoring Optimizing Critical Care Across the Ventilation Continuum
Michael Johnson, Ryan Confer, Precision Critical Care Innovations, US

W71. High Performance Ultrasound Imaging, in yoR pocket
Anshumali Roy, yoR Labs Inc, US

Medical & Biotech: Infectious Disease

W72. A broad-spectrum infection diagnostic that detects pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) in whole blood
Michael Super, Wyss Institute at Harvard University, US

W73. Booster Shots for Old Antibiotics
Liliya V. Frolova, Snezna Rogelj, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, US

W74. Extraction of high purity, high volume IgY antibodies from yolk to generate broad-protective IgY that can be formulated into nasal spray for prophylaxis and treatment of influenza.
Huan Nguyen and Terry Dyck, IGY Life Sciences USA Inc., US

W75. Multifunctional naturraly derived small molecule to treat sepsis, and septic wounds
Suchismita Acharya, Beamon Agarwal, Santosh Panda, Pragnya Das, Sanket Shukla and Khadija Rafiq, AyuVis Research, US

Medical & Biotech: Other

W76. Ferromagnetic particles as temperature contrast for MRI
Janusz H. Hankiewicz, University Colorado Colorado Springs, US

W77. Improved recovery from traumatic spinal cord injury after treatment with a connexin-43 function blocking antibody
Naomi Sayre, Jean Jiang, UT Health Science Center San Antonio, US

Medical & Biotech: Psychological Health

W78. Potentail of Toxoplasma Gondii Infection from Airborne Particulates
Jacob Holland, Amelia RoddenberryKatherine Bates, Andrew Hoisington, United States Air Force Academy, US

Medical & Biotech: Regenerative Medicine

W79. Targeting Connexin 43 with aCT1 peptide in Spinal Cord Injury
April Cox, FirstString Research, US


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