HARDSIL based rad hard and high temperature integrated circuits

AFFILIATION:   VORAGO Technologies, Austin, Texas, United States


Track: Advanced Materials
Area: Electronic & Photonic Materials
Tech Readiness: TRL 8

Tech Brief: HARDSIL is a manufacturing solution for hardening integrated circuit components against radiation and high temperature which leverages high volume standard commercial manufacturing. VORAGO produces a line of high temperature and radiation hardened products as well as licenses the technology


Value Proposition: HARDSIL enables the production of radiation hardened and high temperature capable electronics by utilizing commercial CMOS processes and design techniques. The technology leverages the scale economies of mainstream semiconductor manufacturing while making it suitable for these specialized needs. This enables cost effective production of devices explicitly intended for use in radiation and high temperature environments rather than the more expensive and risky approach of upscreening off-the-shelf parts not specifically designed and produced with these applications in mind or the use of very expensive or highly specialized technologies. Also, VORAGO provides a line of high temperature and radiation hardened SRAMs and Microcontrollers. These devices are suitable for use in applications such as commercial space, oil & gas exploration, industrial environments, motor control and medical, as well as defense applications such as satellites, aerospace, and jet engine control.


Org Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)
Booth Number: T510