Electro Pulse Boring (EPB): Low-cost access to ubiquitous, deep (5-10 km), geothermal heat via novel, non-abrasive, Electro Pulse Boring (EPB) rock-breaking technology

AFFILIATION:   Alaska Applied Sciences, Inc., Juneau, Alaska, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Other
Tech Readiness: TRL 3

Tech Brief: Electro Pulse Boring (EPB), in development by a European consortium, uses high-power, short, electric energy pulses to fracture rock, with chips removal by "hose return". Goal is 50 cm diameter hole to 5-10km depth at cost of $150 / meter. No large drill rig nor "fracking" at depth is required.


Value Proposition: 1. Baseload, CO2-emissions-free, inexhaustible electricity and DHS energy systems, at affordable cost per unit energy, may be constructed anywhere on Earth that a modest suite of construction equipment may be deployed. No "drill rig" nor deep-Earth "fracking" is required. 2. Energy costs < $0.05/kWh may be achievable at MW scale. 3. Military bases, small and large, could be: a. Free of the need for imported energy b. Free of need for electricity or pipeline "grid" connections c. Energy-secure via on-site, "distributed", baseload energy supply d. Able to produce on-site liquid fuels (hydrocarbons or carbon-free hydrogen and / or anhydrous ammonia (NH3)) from electrolysis plus Fischer-Tropsch or Haber-Bosch, or other processes. 4. Less-developed countries and conflict areas: Affordable, abundant, distributed energy may alleviate many of the causes of dangerous conflict at lower cost than by military intervention. 5. Mitigation of the many costs of climate change, sea level rise, ocean acidification, species extinction, and human civilization instability could be achieved by deep decarbonization of Humanity's total energy supply than by more costly adaptation to these dangers and threats. 6. Decarbonization is a very large business opportunity, for USA and for all Humanity.


Org Type: Corporation
Booth Number: T715