Artificial Intelligence for ISR in the Last Mile of Combat

AFFILIATION:   Shield AI, Inc., San Diego, California, United States


Track: Defense Systems
Area: Autonomous Systems
Tech Readiness: TRL 6

Tech Brief: We are putting the capabilities of a self-driving car in an iPad-sized quadrotor for autonomous ISR (no remote pilot) inside buildings, dense urban environments, and GPS-denied areas. Target detection, tracking, and swarming are in development. The same capabilities can be applied to other ISR and robotic systems.


Value Proposition: Today, intelligence is extremely difficult to collect in the last several miles of combat environments and as a result we ask service members to make life altering decisions with very limited information. Consequently, mistakes are made. Mistakes cost the lives of service members and innocent civilians – and cause us to lose support from the local populations. Mistakes can make the conflicts of today unwinnable. And as we look to the future. Collaborative battlefield robotics have been identified as the most strategically important capabilities since precision guided munitions. One of the most strategically important capabilities for the next 25 years. It is a capability we lack, and it is a capability our strategic adversaries are aggressively investing in. The solution starts with Shield's artificial intelligence. We enable UAVs to know where they are and what they should be doing without human oversight. In doing so we allow UAVs to go where no UAVs or people can go, like inside buildings or in dense urban environments, and gather critical missing intelligence. Our quadrotors provide troops with information that removes the fog of war and allows them to make better more informed decisions. Decisions that save lives.


Org Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)
Booth Number: W420